How To Get Over A Break Up And Move On With Your Life

how to get over a break up when you still love themIn your quest to find the one that you will be with for the rest of your life, you’ll find that breakups are a normal part of life and being in love. Being in love can be one of the best experiences you will ever have in life but also the worst when things go wrong. When things are going good, you feel amazing but when it all comes to an end, the worst thing to deal with can be heartache which can be made worse if you’re still in love with him or her.

But at some point once the relationship is over, you’re going to have to move on and get over him or her and the love that you once had for him or her. Yes it will be hard after the love you used to have is gone but you need to find a way to accept it so you can start living your life again and hopefully find love again and maybe this time it will last a lifetime. If you’re struggling (which is normal especially if there were deep feelings involved), here are some tips on how to get over a break up and come up on the other side ready and willing to give love another chance despite your past disappointment(s).

How to get over a break up

The first step on how to get over a break up especially when you’re still in love with them is to first determine whether things are truly over between the two of you. Just because you have had a heated argument and aren’t together right now, doesn’t mean that you can’t work things out after some time has gone by.

Maybe you drove each other crazy, or hurt each other’s feelings in the heat of the moment, but all of those things can be fixed. The catch is that you both have to want to work things out, and be willing to do whatever it takes. Discover effective steps on how to get an ex back here.

Sure reconciling is a valid way to get over a lost love, because you are finding your way back to each other after a break up. Of course you need to remember after reconciling that you can’t change the other person so they either need to be ready to change for themselves, or you need to learn to live with or accept the way they are.

Saying you’re sorry and forgiving them for anything they did wrong will go a long way towards making things right again. If however, there’s no chance of getting back together, then the following tips should help you move on with your life.

If there’s not chance of reconciliation, removing any traces of your ex from your life is one of the best ways on how to get over a break up. Things like love letters, and photographs including those on all your social media accounts are pretty obvious, but there are things that are less obvious, such as any items the two of you purchased together. You don’t have to throw these things away or destroy them but you may want to get them out of sight for a while so that they aren’t a constant reminder of your heartache. The fewer reminders you have of your lost love, the better and quicker you’ll get over them.

Another tip on how to get over a break up is that you need to tie up any loose ends as soon as possible. For instance, if the two of you had a joint bank account, then you need to freeze or close it as soon as possible. Once that’s done, you can divide the money up fairly. Some things may be harder such as if you got a pet together and other more personal items but do your best to remain logical and respectful during this process but get these things sorted out as soon as possible. But if it gets to be too much for either of you, then give yourselves a few days and no more before attempting again.

The other part about getting over a break up is that you need to give yourself a chance to rediscover who you are especially if your past relationship completely consumed your life and your identity. Now is a great time to get to know yourself again.

While rebound relationships can take the sting off a recent breakup, they may not be best solution and falling in love with yourself and who you really are especially if you’ve neglected yourself, can be one of the best methods on how to get over a break up. Work on yourself. Rebuild your self-esteem if you’ve neglected it. You deserve love and to find someone who is right for you despite whatever happened in your past.

This will also be a good time for self-reflection as well as determining what went wrong in the relationship and what role you played in the break up (if any) and deal with that so that you don’t take those same issues into your next relationship.

While self-reflection is good, over analysis can lead to paralysis as they say so don’t forget to simple enjoy being single again. Get out and have fun. Make new friends and try new things. If you neglected your friends while in your relationship, reconnect. Let them take care of you.

They can be a great shoulder to cry on when you feel like crying or talk about your ex and what went wrong but always remember that there comes a time when even the most patient person will get tired of you constantly talking about your ex or being down on yourself. Give yourself time to cry and commiserate but know that it’s not forever.

If all else fails and you’re finding it impossible to move on, consider getting a therapist or counselor to help you through.

The above are just a few tips on how to get over a break up even in situations when you are still in love with your ex. Life goes on and though you don’t think your life will ever be happy again or find someone who truly loves you, give yourself a chance to heal and you’ll be surprised by what life surprises you with.


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