How To Get Your Ex To Like You Again

how to get your ex to like you againIf you want your ex back and are trying to figure out how to get your ex to like you again, it’s possible that all is not lost but of course it depends on the circumstances of the breakup. It’s also quite common to still be in love with an ex after getting dumped or doing the dumping. If you think there’s still a chance for the two of you, there are some things that you can do to get your ex to like or love you again.

Can you make your ex like you again?

Being in love is a wonderful feeling and even better when it’s reciprocated. When you realize that you are still in love with your ex after a breakup, it can be the worst feeling in the world especially if you suspect and may have even been told by him or her that they don’t feel the same way about you anymore.

Unrequited love is simply the worst. How will you get your ex back and get him or her to fall for you again? Many couples go through ups and downs and sometimes the love can grow cold. But it’s always possible for the embers of love that have grown cold to start smoldering again.

How to get your ex to like you again – what you must avoid doing

1. Being confrontational

One of the first tips on how to get your ex to like you again is to make sure that you avoid being confrontational with him or her. You may be hurting and your first instinct may be to lash out at the one that you feel is hurting you. If he or she has fallen out of love with you, being confrontational will be the final nail in the coffin because they will just want to get away from you which you don’t want.

Most people hate confrontation and the more confrontational you are with him or her, the more they will feel justified in the way they feels about you so you need to simmer down. If you’re overcome with emotion and want to lash out, you may need to take a break from your ex to calm yourself down and even talk to close friends and family to vent so that you will be calmer the next time you see your ex.

2. Being narcissistic

Love is really about going beyond ourselves and our natural obsession with ourselves to think about another person. The second important tip on how to get your ex to like you again is to limit or avoid obsessing too much about what their lack of affection is doing to you.

Don’t make this issue all about you but instead make it about your ex. Let them know that their needs are very important to you and ensure that your actions match what you are saying to them.

If one of the reasons that led to the breakup is because your ex feels like you don’t take his or her feelings, needs and wants into consideration, taking a different approach and starting to make everything about your ex and not you will give your ex pause and they may start to feel differently about you. At least not be so angry at you which is a first step.

3. Get to the bottom of the issue

It’s easy to avoid the issues that caused the breakup especially if your ex was hurtful to you or if they wanted you to change. If you want to get your ex back, it’s important to confront the problems in the relationship head on calmly and not be afraid to get your ex’s input on why his or her love has grown cold and if there is a chance for rekindling the love.

These are only a few things to avoid doing if you want to know how to get your ex to like you again so that you can be back together.

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