How To Get Your Girlfriend Back After Getting Dumped

hot to get your ex girlfriend backOne of the worst experiences to go through in life is getting dumped and it can be very bruising to the ego. Many who are still going through the initial breakup phase usually start thinking of strategies to get back with the ex. These efforts to win back an ex usually involve groveling and begging. This never works as it makes you look like a loser to her. If you’ve been dumped by your girlfriend and still want her back, here are effective ways on how to get your girlfriend back.

As mentioned previously, many of those who have been dumped and want their ex back usually start groveling, begging and being very persistent with emails, texts, phone calls, etc, hoping that by doing this, the ex will see how much they want them back and agree to a reconciliation. Most have no understanding of the effective techniques that will allow them to win an ex girlfriend back and simply try to do anything and everything to win the ex girlfriend back. Learning how to use effective techniques that will allow you to get your ex back is very important.

Get your girlfriend back

If you believe that your ex girlfriend and the relationship that you once had are the best for you, and that there is still much to be salvaged from the relationship, the first thing you need to do is suspend all obsessive thoughts about your ex girlfriend in order to allow yourself to develop clarity of mind about what you have been doing to win your ex girlfriend back and why the methods have not worked to get her back. Stop begging for her attention, do not grovel or send her expensive gifts so she will come back.

Stop all communication with her! By begging and sending her nonstop texts, emails, direct messages, etc, you are putting yourself at her mercy and she may use and abuse you during this time simply because she can even if she is not a bad person. This is one of the worst methods on how to get your girlfriend back. If you wish to restore the relationship and ensure that it is better than the one that you had before with her, all communication with her must be stopped.

You were dumped you for a reason so you need to make sure that you respect her reasons for dumping you by not bombarding her with incessant communications and gifts. By dumping you, she is signaling that she needs space and distance from you and you need to respect her wishes and give her what she needs.

This may seem like a counterproductive technique on how to get your girlfriend back but how has stalking her and not leaving her alone worked out for you? By leaving her alone, you are giving her a chance to miss you and wonder what’s up with you as opposed to being annoyed by you always being in her face. She may also be disappointed if she doesn’t have the satisfaction of seeing you grovel for her affections. By stopping all communication, you will not give her the power.

This time apart is also a good time for you to determine what went wrong with you and her from statements she has made previously and what you yourself noticed or what your friends and family noticed during the relationship. Getting input from independent parties can help.

If you did something wrong which led to her breaking up with you, do not beat yourself up about it. Simply learn why you did what you did and what changes you need to make so that you become a better boyfriend.

Use this time away from her and the relationship drama to really get real will yourself about the areas about yourself that need improvement otherwise even if you do get back with her, you will only sabotage the relationship again if you do not deal with these parts of yourself. If you have trust issues, have problems being faithful, anger problems, poor communication, etc, now is a good time to make a change and not for her but for yourself.

In order to get your girlfriend back after being dumped, you are going to have to do some serious work to become a better boyfriend. She may also not believe that you have changed just because you tell her that you have changed so you need to be patient with her and show her through your actions and not just your words that you are a changed man.

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