Signs Your Ex Wants You Back – Top 3 Signs To Watch Out For!

signs your ex wants you backIt’s possible for people to regret breaking up with someone after all is said and done. Such is life which means that even after a breakup when you think all is lost, there may still be hope and signs your ex wants you back but may not know how to go about accomplishing this especially there was a lot of hurt and anger involved in the breakup. If you think there may still be a chance but are unsure whether the signals you are getting from him or her mean anything, here are some clues.

Getting back together

Relationships end all the time for the wrong reasons People may even think that they are doing the right thing or that the grass is greener on the other side only to discover that such is not the case. This then leads to trying to win their ex back or giving off signals that they want to get back together. If you’re still interested in a relationship with your ex, it’s important to watch out for the right signals that your ex may be giving off.

Sometimes when breakups occur especially if it’s a “good” breakup, your ex may still want to remain friendly and keep in touch. It’s important to know that he or she may just be doing this so that they can get what they want out of you when the mood strikes such as a booty call but not necessarily want to get back together. You want to make sure that you are not being used by him or her in this way which will only lead to more heartache on your part.

If you’re ex boyfriend or girlfriend only wants to sleep with you after a breakup, believe them and don’t try to fool yourself into thinking that you can turn this into love. You want to ensure that the signals your ex is giving off are because he or she wants YOU and not what they can get out of you because you’re vulnerable to them.

It’s also important to remember not to read too much into any signals that your ex may be giving off. For example, if your ex wants to remain friendly after a breakup, you may start thinking that it’s because they want you back when he or she simply wants to remain friends because they feel like you were an important part of his or her life and don’t just want to act like you no longer matter or exist even though he or she does not want to be in a relationship with you anymore. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here are some important signs your ex wants you back.

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

1. Frequent Communication

If your ex wants to simply remain friendly, they may reach out to you every now and then only as a friend normally would. If he or she wants you back however, the level of communication may be more frequent. If you start to receive regular phone calls, instant messages, emails, texts, etc, from your ex, this is probably a good sign that they want to test the waters and see whether you are open to their advances or whether you want nothing to do with them.

If however, your ex is only calling or texting at or after midnight, you’ll know that your ex is only after one thing and cares nothing for you.

2.  What do you talk about

If during the conversations you have with your ex they start telling you about new or different things that are going on in his or her life, this is another of the signs your ex wants you back. These topics of conversation may be a sign to you that your ex is trying to improve themselves in order to impress you.

Joining a gym, angling for a promotion at work, starting a new career, going to self-improvement classes, are all signs that your ex may have heard your complaints about him or her and is trying to become a better person and reach their full potential so that you can start seeing him or her as a better catch.

3. Being nosy

If your ex seems very interested in what is going on in your life, this could be another of the important signs that your ex boyfriend or girlfriend wants you back. If they ask you a lot of questions about what’s been going on with you after the breakup and listen carefully to what you say, this could be a sign that he or she is trying to determine whether you are doing better without him or her and also whether you’re seeing someone new.

If he or she seems overly curious about what you’re doing, who you’re spending time with, more than likely, your ex wants you back.

These are only a few signs your ex wants you back.  If you’re receiving clear signals from him or her but your ex seems to be dragging his or her feet probably because they are unsure about how you feel, you don’t just want to throw yourself at your ex’s feet even though you may have been looking left and right for tips on how to get your ex back. Discover how to proceed using the tips in this proven guide.


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