Things To NOT Do To Get Your Ex Back – Avoid These Mistakes!

things to do to get your ex backIf you think that there is still a chance for you and your ex, and while you may be aware that there are certain things to do to get your ex back, it is also important to remember that there are things to not do to get your ex back. Unfortunately too many people going through a breakup opt to do the wrong things which only push the ex farther away and help to cement the breakup. If you don’t want to push your ex away, here are three things to avoid doing if you want your ex back.

Avoid Making These Common Mistakes

  1. Making Promises That You Can’t Keep

When searching for things to do to get your ex back, some people think that making promises to be better or to change will do the trick. You obviously broke up for a reason. Because of this reason, you may be tempted to promise your ex the world hoping that this will get your ex back. You may even be convincing enough for him or her to believe your promises that they may decide to give you another chance only to lose them again and suffer heartbreak again when they realize that you made nothing but empty promises.

If you see that there was something that you did that led to the breakup, you may want to make a change to become a better girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife. But for the change to become permanent, you must want to do it for yourself and not simply to use in order to trick your ex to take you back. Ask yourself if you really want to and are ready to make the change and do not lie to your ex or yourself.

  1. Games

Another of the wrong things to do to get your ex back is playing games such as thinking that making your ex jealous will make them want you back. You may think that showing up where you know your ex is going to be such as a particular club or bar and flirting outrageously with someone in the club or bar or to make it worse, flirting with the ex’s friends will win him or her back only to find that this strategy does not work and will only derail efforts to get back together with an ex.

You are not a child so leave games for children. Trying to hurt someone hoping that this will cause him or her to want you back only shows your level of maturity and a lack of respect for your ex as well as a lack of respect for yourself. In many cases, your ex will realize what you are trying to do and will be disgusted by you and by doing this, you will only validate their decision that breaking up with you was the right thing to do and not a mistake.

  1. Stalking

Some people think that not leaving their ex alone is one of the things to do to get your ex back. I’ve got news for you. This will not work. No one likes to feel pressured about anything including getting back together with an ex. Do not pester your ex with emails, texts, calls, driving by his or her place, stalking their social media accounts, etc. Leave the crazy ways for the crazy ones. You do not want to push him or her farther away by not giving him or her space. Worst off all, you don’t want to be hit with a restraining order!

These are only a few mistakes to avoid when looking for ways on getting back together with your ex. If you truly believe that your ex is the one, you owe it to yourself to not only know the mistakes to avoid but also the right things that you need to do.

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